Our services

We provide the HR expertise in the full employee lifecycle, from recruitment right the way through to exit, with all the bits in-between.

I will spend some time with you and your business - either on site or over the phone, getting to know you and undertaking a full audit of your current HR practice.  I then provide you with an action plan to help you reach your objective; this might be HR compliance, or improving the employee experience.

Maybe you are spending all of your time fire-fighting and reacting to people issues?  I can work with you and your managers to move from constant fire-fighting to a better state, where you are proactively putting in HR interventions that support what you want to achieve as a business.

I can either act as your go-to HR person on a retainer, meaning you pay me a fixed monthly fee for advice and support - or you can pay as you go.  

For providers in social care, I operate an independent whistleblowing line, enabling your employees to contact someone outside the organisation to report concerns.  This is so important, particularly in the current environment where outside visitors to care homes are limited.